Redesigning Boston City Flag


The City of Boston proudly carries its historical heritage which signifies the beginning of this great country. For new flag design I chose three powerful colors to represent Boston’s strong spirit and history of the city as well as to demonstrate it’s close connection with the United States flag. Red is for power, revolution, vibrancy. It also represents the Freedom Trail and Boston’s famous red brick architecture. Royal Blue is for determination, liberation, justice, and good fortune. It represents the waters of Atlantic Ocean and Boston as a port city. White is for peace, purity and harmony. The main focus of these flag designs is the red stripe. This red stripe lays across the flag is to symbolize the Freedom Trail that goes all through the city. The diagonal design of the flag demonstrates the dynamics of Boston, it’s constant development, leadership, and innovative spirit. Three white triangles are chosen to represent the famous Boston Trimount / Mount Vernon, Beacon Hill, Pemberton Hill / which connects the city to it’s birthplace, an original geographic location.